A list of the best binge-worthy TV shows

So, as the ending of the latest season of Game of Thrones approaches, it’s time to re-evaluate our lives and decide what to watch next…. This is tough because I want it to be good, and I mean really good…. I want something I can sink my teeth into, something I can look forward to watching at the end of the day once the toddler is asleep and we can watch adult TV.

Currently, I’m thinking we’ll do Twin Peaks. Starting with the original ones and then work our way to the new ones. But there’s also the question of whether I should re-watch a show that I have already watched… This got me thinking about the TV shows I have seen, and whether I would watch them again (no judgement please)

Dramas / Action / Long running series / Long episodes:

6 Feet Under – very 90’s, and very dark (it is based around a family that run a funeral business after all). It’s quite slow at times, and can be a little bit depressing. If you like to have D and M’s with people you could definitely get into this.

Would I re-watch it? No

Sex and the City (for the ladies out there). You’re feelings for the main character Carrie will waiver throughout the show, but the rest of the characters will make you keep watching, as will the fashion (dated as it may be now).

Would  I re-watch it? I have re-watched this many times, but unfortunately I’m not at the stage of my life where I want to watch Carrie screw up her love life a billion times over…

House of Cards – Still running, but the last season was underwhelming to say the least, however the first 2 – 3 seasons were brilliant. Kevin Spacey is so good.

Would I re-watch it? Yes, especially the first two seasons, after that I’m not so sure.

Vikings – still watching this. Just finished season 4. Although it’s hard not to compare it to its older (and wiser, and richer and better looking) cousin: Game of Thrones, it still holds its own as a good show. And if you have long hair, this show will make you want to braid it.

Would I re-watch it? Hell yeah.

The Wire – I watched this quite a few years ago, and I don’t think I fully appreciated it, so it’d be on my list to watch again.

Would I re-watch it? Yes

Mad Men – Love this one. From the character development of Don Draper and Peggy, to the constant drinking in the office, to the iconic brands and adverts, to the ambiguous ending….it’s pure gold.

Would I re-watch it? Yes, but not right now.

Breaking Bad – the Dad from Malcolm in the Middle is now better know as Walter White from Breaking Bad. Great show from beginning to end!!

Would I re-watch it? Without a doubt. But not at this point.

The Sopranos – One of my all time favorites!! Tony Soprano, such a great character, so flawed and such a monster, yet you can’t help but feel sorry for him…that and all the crazy antics of the American / Italian mafia.

Would I re-watch it? I have already, and I would do it again!

Game of Thrones

Another show that is still running. Currently in Season 7. With a huge world-wide audience. It has everything; action, drama, romance, politics, plotting and scheming, sex scenes, not to mention dragons…

So many characters, and names of places to remember…you can’t possibly take it all in the first time. And you will enjoy it just as much, if not more, the next time you watch it.

Would I re-watch it? Yes sir


Other notable binge-worthy shows: Peaky Blinders, Downton Abbey, Luther, The Crown, Flesh and Bone.


Comedies / Shorter episodes:

Seinfeld (absolute classic, had to put it on the list)

30 Rock (Tina Fey at her best as Liz Lemon. But ultimately this show made me realize how much I love Alec Baldwin).

Portlandia – This show is a little dark at times. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but once you realize the kind of himour they’re going for it’s great

Entourage – like we didn’t already want to be famous (or be part of an entourage. Johnny Drama makes this show!


I’m gonna keep thinking and keep adding more as they come to me




Game of Thrones food ideas (and a whole lotta puns)

Yet another Games of Thrones post, sorry, I’m a little obsessed at the moment. I’ve already been making a themed dessert each week to eat while viewing, but I got thinking about compiling a list of food for anyone else interested (and to help me decide what to make next)

What I’ve made so far:

Gingerbread characters

Jon Snow balls – I made different flavours of truffles, but you could use any ball / truffle recipe.

A cake of Ice and Fire

A cake of Ice and Fire


ideas for more food (and puns):

Sansa(lted chocolate tart)

Arya(ncini balls)

Tyrian’s Strawberry shortcake……get it? Get it?!


Scones with jamie and cream

The onion knight tart

The Lord of Light, lemon pudding

Mother of Dragons, Burnt butter cake

Taiwyn Lannister’s gold(en syrup dumplings)

Theon Greyjoy’s hotdogs



Game of Thrones; A cake of Ice and Fire

Another week, another excuse to make an extravagant dessert in theme for Game of Thrones.

This week in honour of the meeting between John and Dany, I have gone with a dessert which features Ice vs Fire.

The base cake is an Oreo cheesecake, and perched carefully atop are chocolate shards decorated to represent ice and fire.

A cake of Ice and Fire

I used everything I had in the pantry, including: M and M’s, lolly  snakes, raspberry licorice, dried fruit, coconut, sprinkles and of course icing.

The beauty about this, is you can use any type of cake for base, and then decorate the top with chocolate shards or whatever you’ve got at home.

This cake, much like the show is not for the faint hearted, which makes it perfect for tonight’s viewing.


It’s Game of Thrones time! (Costume DIY)

To celebrate the new season of GoT starting, we are dressing up for the viewing of the new episode. I’ve decided to go as Lady Melissandre, mainly because she is one of the most recognisable characters.

Please keep in mind this is a last minute (lazy) DIY costume, if you are really nerdy and have more time then you could make it a lot more exact.

What I used:

For the necklace: cardboard, scissors, gold texta (or paint), gold glitter, string, hot glue gun, large red bead or pendant

The rest of the costume:

black (or dark red / maroon) dress with V-neck

Red wig

Black or red shawl or cape (or something similar)


Make up: keep it very pale, with some contouring around the cheek bones, and a dark lipstick.

Necklace (this what I was aiming for):


This is my finished product (card board Melissandre Necklace):


Obviously this is a lot chunkier than the real thing, but you could cut it out to be thinner and more delicate…


Cut out hexagon shapes in card board, and small straight pieces, then cut out the middle of the hexagon.



I cut out three hexagons, and 8 straight pieces, but if I was to do it again I would cut out 2 more hexagons. Remember to make the front central hexagon slightly larger than the others, as this one holds the red pendant.


Colour (or paint) the card board pieces gold and let dry.


Using a hot glue gun, stick the pendant to the central hexagon. Then carefully begin to stick the small straight pieces to the central hexagon, and then add the next hexagon, and repeat for the other side until all the pieces together form the necklace structure. With the final outer straight pieces angle them towards each other to form a V (which you can tie string onto)


Use two pieces of string which can tie onto the out pieces of the necklace to join it together.


Melissandre necklace
Almost finished necklace

I also added gold glitter, but probably not really necessary.

Clearly this necklace is much chunkier than the original, but if you have more time you could definitely make it more intricate looking.

With the rest of the costume, I reckon it looked OK.


Finished costume


Pretty handwritten cards

There is something really lovely about old-fashioned hand writing, and lately I’ve been experimenting with this type of writing on cards. I like it because I can personalise the card with names or sayings that are special to that person, or I can add other textures to make it extra special. I also like the juxtaposition of this pretty, soft and old-fashioned cursive handwriting with harsh and / or modern words.

I try to re-use and recycle materials and card that I already have, to reduce the impact on the environment. For example I love to use the pretty posters from Frankie magazines.


I started by writing my own alphabet which I free-hand copied from one I found on the internet.


Then I practiced and doodled in a note pad for ages before I decided to do it on a card. When starting a new card I draw a straight pencil line to give me a guide then I free-hand all lettering on cards (in pencil first).  Then go over with pen and erase the pencil. Each one is individual and unique. Even if it’s the same word, no two cards are the same!