Game of Thrones food ideas (and a whole lotta puns)

Yet another Games of Thrones post, sorry, I’m a little obsessed at the moment. I’ve already been making a themed dessert each week to eat while viewing, but I got thinking about compiling a list of food for anyone else interested (and to help me decide what to make next)

What I’ve made so far:

Gingerbread characters

Jon Snow balls – I made different flavours of truffles, but you could use any ball / truffle recipe.

A cake of Ice and Fire

A cake of Ice and Fire


ideas for more food (and puns):

Sansa(lted chocolate tart)

Arya(ncini balls)

Tyrian’s Strawberry shortcake……get it? Get it?!


Scones with jamie and cream

The onion knight tart

The Lord of Light, lemon pudding

Mother of Dragons, Burnt butter cake

Taiwyn Lannister’s gold(en syrup dumplings)

Theon Greyjoy’s hotdogs


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