It’s Game of Thrones time! (Costume DIY)

To celebrate the new season of GoT starting, we are dressing up for the viewing of the new episode. I’ve decided to go as Lady Melissandre, mainly because she is one of the most recognisable characters.

Please keep in mind this is a last minute (lazy) DIY costume, if you are really nerdy and have more time then you could make it a lot more exact.

What I used:

For the necklace: cardboard, scissors, gold texta (or paint), gold glitter, string, hot glue gun, large red bead or pendant

The rest of the costume:

black (or dark red / maroon) dress with V-neck

Red wig

Black or red shawl or cape (or something similar)


Make up: keep it very pale, with some contouring around the cheek bones, and a dark lipstick.

Necklace (this what I was aiming for):


This is my finished product (card board Melissandre Necklace):


Obviously this is a lot chunkier than the real thing, but you could cut it out to be thinner and more delicate…


Cut out hexagon shapes in card board, and small straight pieces, then cut out the middle of the hexagon.



I cut out three hexagons, and 8 straight pieces, but if I was to do it again I would cut out 2 more hexagons. Remember to make the front central hexagon slightly larger than the others, as this one holds the red pendant.


Colour (or paint) the card board pieces gold and let dry.


Using a hot glue gun, stick the pendant to the central hexagon. Then carefully begin to stick the small straight pieces to the central hexagon, and then add the next hexagon, and repeat for the other side until all the pieces together form the necklace structure. With the final outer straight pieces angle them towards each other to form a V (which you can tie string onto)


Use two pieces of string which can tie onto the out pieces of the necklace to join it together.


Melissandre necklace
Almost finished necklace

I also added gold glitter, but probably not really necessary.

Clearly this necklace is much chunkier than the original, but if you have more time you could definitely make it more intricate looking.

With the rest of the costume, I reckon it looked OK.


Finished costume


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