Toddler friendly sweet potato mini pancakes


These sweet potato bites are very similar to the toddler friendly pancakes I posted last week, except sweet potato and carrot are the main ingredients with a bit of egg and flour for texture.

I over-cooked my batch, as you can probably tell….be warned they burn easily, so don’t cook them on high heat.


1 sweet potato

1/2 carrot (could add more if you wanted) *you could add other veggies that you’ve got in the fridge also.

1 – 2 eggs (depends how much you want to make)

Approximately 1/3 cup plain flour



Cook the sweet potato and carrot thoroughly, until they are very soft.

Mash sweet potato and carrot and let cool.


Mix in egg, and then gradually add flour until you reach the consistency you desire (you may need more or less flour depending on how many vegetables used)


Heat a fry pan, and spoon mixture into fry pan. Flip over once golden brown then cook the other side.


Perfect size snack for little hands

Easy peasy…


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